Packaging & Fulfillment Services

BDI customizes packaging and fulfillment and supply chain management solutions for companies of all sizes. BDI stores, packs and ships thousands of requests for private and government customers, including the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade & Tourism and Zep Inc.

We offer turn-key solutions to fit your needs - big or small, short- or long-term. We specialize in:


-Manual Assembly

-Packaging and Repackaging

-Shrink Wrapping

-Heat Sealing

-Blister Packaging

-Collating Manuals, Notebooks, or Marketing Materials

-Full-Service Procurement

And much more...

Your company can also turn to BDI for fast fixes for repackaging and handwork operations to repair your project quickly and cost effectively. With BDI, you'll save money and simplify your operations, while gaining the peace of mind that quality work brings.

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