Client Journeys: Akil Gay

Akil enjoys eating at Golden Corral, and he was thrilled to get a janitorial job there in May 2016. Akil was excited not just because he likes the restaurant’s food, but also because of what this job means to him.

“It is my first real job,” Akil said proudly.

The Pittsburg, Pennsylvania native moved with his mother to Georgia to be nearer family. Akil wanted to work, so his GVRA counselors connected him to BDI. There, Akil learned how to work quickly and efficiently. He became comfortable asking questions if he needed help.

He and his BDI employment specialist worked together to search for job leads, and he was connected to the opening at Golden Corral. Thanks to his work with his employment specialist, Akil was prepared to succeed in his interview.

“I am proud of how I did on the interview. I was smiling, I dressed well, and I shook the interviewer’s hand.”

Akil feels relieved and very happy to have his job at Golden Corral. He applies the job readiness skills he learned at BDI on a daily basis as he maintains the restaurant’s cleanliness and ensures a comfortable and positive experience for diners.  His favorite part of his job is interacting with coworkers. They work hard, they have fun at their jobs and he enjoys the good conversation.

“BDI has helped me a lot,” Akil said. “They care about their clients, and they want to help them look for jobs.”





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