Job Placement Connections

BDI’s job placement services open the door to opportunity for Work-ready job candidates. Job candidates partner with employment specialists to develop job-search skills, identify prospective employers, and secure jobs. Our employment specialists excel at connecting job candidates to the right job for their skills and goals. Last year, we connected 246 people to permanent jobs.

Services and supports include:

Job Readiness and Job Connections supports include resume and application development, mock interviews, and job-search skills. Employment specialists help job candidates prepare for the job search, connect with job opportunities, and gain confidence in their ability to communicate their strengths to potential employers.

Job Coaching is provided for newly-hired job candidates. Job coaches work with employees during their first weeks of employment to help them adjust to their new work environment.

Internships and on-the-job training connect eligible job candidates with opportunities at community businesses. Internships help BDI job candidates and their prospective employers work together before committing to long-term employment. For many clients, an internship evolves into a permanent position, while others leverage their experience to secure a permanent position in the community or in a BDI social enterprise. During the internship, BDI pays the intern the prevailing wage for the job. Employers are under no commitment to hire the intern at the conclusion of the internship period.

BDI follows up with all newly-hired people for 90 days to monitor their progress and track job-retention rates.



"BDI spent time getting to know our business and the type of employees we need in our facilities. BDI offers employers a 'fail-proof' partnership as the clients they send us are well-trained, motivated to learn and eager to work. In addition, BDI offers specific on-the-job training with on-site job coaches to make sure the client understands and can perform the responsibilities of the job. It's a win-win!"

~ April Anderson, Human Resources Administrator, Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc.

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