Disability Awareness Training

Regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation, everyone at some point in his or her lifetime can be affected directly or indirectly by a disability.

People with disabilities are not only committed employees, but also help build workplace diversity, create an inclusive community, and contribute to a strong economy through their employment.

With this in mind, BDI advances efforts by businesses and communities to work toward inclusiveness.

Disability Awareness Training:
This is a simple and effective way to expose groups large and small to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.



BDI Disability Awareness Training 2015 from Rebecca Stoll


View the Disability Awareness Training as a PDF »

Disability Awareness Manual:
Courtesy of SourceAmerica, this is a great tool to use in addition to the other items found on this page. It includes pertinent disability statistics and fun exercises too. View the Disability Awareness Manual here »

Additional Resources:
Accessibility Assessment Checklist
Understanding Job Accommodations
Disability Communication Tips
How to Use People-First Language
How to Write an Inclusive Diversity Statement
Glossary of Common Disabilities

To learn more about employing people with disabilities or to receive free help and resources for disability awareness training at your organization, please contact disabilityawareness@bobbydodd.org

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