About Bobby Dodd Institute

Our Mission: Bobby Dodd Institute empowers people with disabilities and disadvantages to maximize their potential by securing economic self-sufficiency, independence and integration into society.

Our Vision: At Bobby Dodd Institute, we envision a world where individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to learn, to work, to be independent, and to have dignity.

Our Core Values:

  • Quality of Work Environment: We maintain a dynamic work environment that enthusiastically embraces challenges in our quest to be a leader in our field.
  • Quality of Staff Team: We believe that individual integrity is a critical component of a high performing organizational team.
  • Quality of Services and Products: We recognize that to achieve our mission we must earn the respect of our customers by consistently providing top-quality services, programs and products.
  • Quality of Relationships: We invest in positive relationships by treating all people with respect, trust, compassion, and fairness.
  • Quality of Life in Community: We believe that the American community and workplace benefit when all individuals are empowered to learn, work, be independent, and have dignity.

Our History: Since we began as a program of the Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities in 1960, BDI has evolved into a multi-faceted institute providing job training, career counseling, recruitment and staffing, and long-term employment. BDI became an independent 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization in 1989.

With locations in Fulton County and Clayton County and the capacity to conduct evaluations on site for schools and other partners, BDI serves people with disabilities throughout the entire metro Atlanta area.

In 2000, BDI purchased a 50,000-square-foot headquarters and training facility where we provide job training and operate a call center that employs veterans and veterans with disabilities. In 2012, we gained a second job training facility in Jonesboro, Ga. and expanded services into Clayton County and surrounding counties by acquiring vocational rehabilitation programs previously operated by Clayton County Public Schools.

BDI is governed by a fully engaged board of community leaders who support the organization financially, set strategic goals and provide financial oversight. To learn more, please view a copy of Working Together, our 2016 annual report.

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