BDI Job Candidates are Motivated on Mondays!

Pictured at Cox Automotive: Pictured at Cox Automotive: Dave Spotts (Director of Facilities), Joseph De Carlo (Facilities Manager), and David Heidlauf (General Operations Manager of Facilities)

Pictured at Cox Automotive: Dave Spotts (Director of Facilities), Joseph De Carlo (Facilities Manager), and David Heidlauf (General Operations Manager of Facilities) 

A little while ago, we shared a story about Steve Tidwell, facilities manager at Cox Automotive, and Eric Walker, a former BDI job candidate. This Monday, we’d like to share a story about another Cox Automotive-BDI superstar, Joseph De Carlo. Joseph started job training at BDI in 2010, where he gained job skills and completed internships. He has been working with Cox since leaving BDI’s doors in January 2015.

Joseph has received a number of recognitions during his time so far with Cox. On April 19th, 2017, Joseph received the High Octane Fuel Award from the Cox Automotive Facilities Department Manager Dave Spotts for his high energy spirits, which keeps the team running (pictured above).

Joseph presents an air of genuine warmth and an aura of contentedness of someone who truly loves his job. When asked what his favorite thing about his job is, he immediately responded to say that he enjoys providing customer service to his coworkers.

 “If I can’t help you then I’ll find someone who can assist you,” he expresses, and it appears to be his mantra.

If anything comes across about Joseph, it is that he simply loves helping people. With his “can do” attitude, Joseph is positively impacting the Cox Automotive workplace.

In 2016, he was chosen for a Motivational Monday video that was shared with the Cox family and generated enthusiastic responses from his coworkers.

 “Joseph, thank you for all you do to make our day to day(s) run smoother. Not only do you make a difference, but the pride you have in doing the best job possible is positively contagious throughout the whole office! Appreciate you!”  --Ilana Kearns

“This is awesome! I’m so excited you got the spotlight Joseph! You know everyone by name and have made my transition here so much easier! Thank you for everything you do for everyone!”  --Natalie Yozzo

Before coming to BDI, Joseph struggled to find work. He is very aware of the difficulties people with disabilities face in finding jobs. “Unemployment for people with disabilities is very high for this country,” he says. He is grateful for his time at BDI, which he says “helped give me confidence to go into the workforce.”

In addition to working as a facilities manager at Cox Automotive, Joseph volunteers his time at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta every other weekend. He was even highlighted in a September 2016 supplement to the Atlanta Business Chronicle for his influence and dedication to volunteering in the Atlanta community. 

Joseph de Carlo goes to show that BDI job candidates make excellent, dedicated employees. If you’d like to watch Cox Automotive’s Motivational Monday video, please click here!

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