Client Journeys: Julvonnia



   When a family tragedy struck Julvonnia, her world fell apart. She moved to Atlanta for a new start.

   Julvonnia is a bright woman with experience that included working for the judicial system, hospitals,     and the hospitality industry, but she struggled to regain her stride. Deciding to take her life back,         Julvannia knew she had to return to work. The support she received from BDI’s staffing team helped       her transition from a mindset of hopelessness to one of greater possibility.

   “Coming to BDI helped me build the skills I have. I think it took me to another level,” Julvonnia              explains.

   Julvonnia landed a job at Piedmont Hospital as a customer support tech representative in the                 environmental services department. She excelled, and her dedication to quality was evident to her         supervisors. In April 2017, management approached her about a supervisor position.

    “My favorite thing is job coaching,” she confides about her new role. “When I’m able to put a smile        on [the housekeeping attendants’] faces—I think it helps me more than it helps them. I enjoy being        the person that they look for every day.”

    In this new chapter of her life, Julvonnia is setting her sights high.

    “Hopefully, in the years to come, I’ll be able to branch out and grow with the company,” Julvonnia        said. “This position lays the foundation for so many different opportunities that working in a hospital      holds. This whole experience has helped me see that the sky is the limit and you can set your goals        and achieve them. I’ve learned to break out of my own fear, take a chance, and go for it.”

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