Two Friends, One Goal: Service

The friendship between Sarah Kennedy and Nancy Rizor is one rooted in mutual admiration, community and service.

The two play active roles in a number of local and national nonprofit organizations, but All About Developmental Disabilities
(AADD) is one that is dear to their hearts. For over 60 years, AADD has been committed to educating and advocating for families to enable them to address the needs of their loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities. AADD has maximized the necessary resources for them to live meaningful, inclusive and productive lives.

Kennedy, the youngest of five, has two siblings who were born with severe developmental disabilities. She knows, firsthand, the challenges that arise when families are faced with little encouragement or guidance in caring for their loved ones. Her parents struggled to find appropriate facilities for her siblings, and in the early 1940’s there were few options.

With an introduction to AADD years later, she found renewed hope and an opportunity to extend a helping hand to families like hers.

Energized by her friend’s passion, Rizor joined the cause with unwavering commitment. Together, with other community volunteers and advocates, the two set out to work alongside AADD to help equip families with the necessary support and tools to assure that empowered, independent lives were possible for their loved ones.

Believing in the mission of AADD, Kennedy and Rizor have been able to shine a much-needed light on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As AADD merges with Bobby Dodd Institute (BDI), they know that light will continue to shine as two outstanding organizations now join hands.

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