For BDI Team Member, Work Ethic is the Key to Success

It’s clear that in the case of Bobby Dodd Institute (BDI) employee Jeff Piazza, work ethic goes a long way. The Fort Gillem janitor is proud to work at the base, waking up as early as 6 a.m. to prepare to serve.                                                                             

“I’m constantly working,” Jeff said. “I work and I work until the day is over and the job is done.”

Jeff’s first job at BDI was in the BDI Jonesboro warehouse. When BDI acquired WorkTec, Jeff jumped at the opportunity to pursue a career in an industry he loved—janitorial services.

Jeff’s commitment to teamwork is praised by his coworkers. Although his primary job responsibilities are to clean Fort Gillem buildings and office spaces, he’s often seen helping fellow coworkers for the good of the team.

“I like to pitch in and help anybody out that’s really in need and that wants help,” he said.

Jeff credits his work ethic for his success thus far. He loves his job. He loves his coworkers. And most of all, he loves serving with a smile.

“It would be hard to find a job if it wasn’t for BDI,” he said. “Working here has impacted my life. It has helped me to stay focused, be independent and continue to climb the ladder.”

Thanks to his job at Fort Gillem, Jeff admits that he’s more responsible and self-sufficient than ever before. He currently lives in his own townhouse, where he enjoys cleaning and practicing his cooking skills.


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